New EP committee vice-chair Niedermayer stresses EU’s powerful negotiating position when united

EU member states should act in a uniform manner when combating the threat of looming trade wars, TOP 09 party MEP Luděk Niedermayer told Czech Television in an interview following his selection as vice-chair of the European Union’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Mr. Niedermayer is one of three Czech MEP’s who have gained deputy positions in newly formed EU committees. The Civic Democrats’ Jan Zahradil was chosen as vice-chair of the Committee on International Trade, while Martina Dlabajová from the ANO party has the same role in the Committee on Budgetary Control.

Mr. Niedermayer, who served as the director and vice-governor of the Czech National Bank before he entered politics, is known for his positive stance on closer European integration and his country’s adoption of the Euro.

Author: Tom McEnchroe