MPs elect Stanislav Křeček as next ombudsman

Czech MPs have elected Stanislav Křeček as the country’s next ombudsman. A former Social Democratic Party MP and deputy ombudsman, Mr. Křeček, who is 81, will replace Anna Šabatová when her six-year term ends next week. The new public advocate was elected by 91 of 175 deputies in a secret ballot in the 200-seat lower house.

Mr. Křeček says he will defend the rights of the majority population and has said for instance that Romanies should take care of their own rights. Opposition parties have criticised his election, with the leader of TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová-Adamová saying he would debase the office of ombudsman.

Supporters of Mr. Křeček, who was nominated by President Miloš Zeman, say he is familiar with the institution, having previously worked there, and will help return it to its original mission.

Author: Ian Willoughby