MEP Rouček slams Romney in blog

The Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament, Social Democrat Libor Rouček slammed presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in a Social Democratic Party blog, writing that the world "did not deserve as its most powerful politician" another "paler version" of George W. Bush. In the blog, Mr Rouček referred to Mitt Romney's recent foreign trip to London, Israel and Poland, slamming the candidate for a number of controversial statements that stirred the political waters. in the past Mr Romney has referred to Poland's neighbor, Russia, as America's number one geopolitical foe. In Mr Rouček's view - the candidate went as far as to damage US interests in the Middle East through comments pertaining to the Palestinians and Israel, referring to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Polls in the US suggest that Mr Romney continues to trail incumbent Barack Obama, if only just.

Author: Jan Velinger