Melting ice and snow raise water levels on some rivers, lead to flood threat

Melting ice and snow have raised water levels on numerous rivers throughout the country leading to a number of flood threats. Regions where warnings are in place include Hradec Králové, South Moravia and Olomouc. The highest alert is in place in the area of Česká Lípa; the warnings, issued by the Czech Hydometeorological Institute, will remain in effect until noon on Sunday. It is expected that a drop in temperatures in Saturday night will quell flood dangers.

Waterways in the Liberec region experienced problems on Saturday with two ice floes breaking away on the Jizera River: ten recreational homes were flooded in Dolní Sytové. In some places garages were flooded. Large pieces of accumulated ice saw a waterway break its banks in the regions of Plzeň where fire fighters intervened: bulldozers are being used to break up the ice pieces to free up the flow to try and prevent further flooding.

Author: Jan Velinger