Main suspects responsible for methanol distribution arrested

The police have arrested and charged two men who knowingly distributed a methanol mixture that caused poisonings of at least 67 people in the Czech Republic, Police President Martin Červíček and state prosecutor Roman Kafka announced Monday at a press conference. The main suspect – a forty-two year-old man from Ostrava - made a full confession on Friday night saying that he and his accomplice prepared a lethal methanol and ethanol mixture that they then distributed through a middleman to liquor producers. According to Mr Kafka, the main motivation for his actions was financial gain. Police President Červíček warned that 15,000 liters of noxious methanol-laced alcohol had entered distribution, but not all of it has been accounted for yet. Charges have been brought against 42 people in connection to the distribution of methanol-laced liquor, which has killed 25 people in the Czech Republic. Twenty two of them are currently in jail.

Author: Masha Volynsky