Lidice celebrates 70 years since its resurrection

The town of Lidice which was razed to the ground by the Nazis on June 10th ,75 years ago, celebrated the 70th anniversary of its resurrection. In 1947 the foundation stone of a new Lidice was laid 300 meters away from the original site and a new village of 150 houses gradually arose with the help of volunteers from around the country and support from abroad. The celebrations in Lidice were attended by President Milos Zeman, politicians and cultural figures. The British ambassador to the Czech Republic, Jan Thompson, and the US charge d’affaires, Kelly Adams Smith, received a symbolic key to Lidice as a show of gratitude for their countries’ support in rebuilding the village and the Russian ambassador to the Czech Republic Alexander Zmeyevskyj a symbolic rose of gratitude for the liberation of Lidice’s survivors by the Red Army.