Leader of Social Democrats says Foreign Minister Petříček’s sacking could result in fall of government

Jan Hamáček, the leader of the Social Democrats, a junior partner in the minortiy government, told Czech Radio that if the prime minister were to sack Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček, it could lead to the fall of the government. Since assuming office in October 2018 Mr. Petříček’s foreign policy has come under criticism from President Miloš Zeman and the Communist Party, which is supporting the current minority government. The leader of the Social Democrats said that removing Mr. Petříček from office could only be done following a proposal by his party and that any other move would be in violation of the coalition treaty. It is not the first time the current foreign minister has received support from his own party. In November, the Social Democrats responded to criticism regarding his stance on the conflict in Ukraine by saying that he is fulfilling the long-term concept of Czech foreign policy.

Author: Tom McEnchroe