Last prime minister of Czechoslovakia Jan Stráský dies aged 78

Jan Stráský who served as the last prime minister of Czechoslovakia from June 1992 until the dissolution of the state in January 1993 died at the age of 78 on Thursday morning, the Czech News Agency reports. Before assuming the mantle of prime minister, Mr. Stráský was Minister of Transport and later Health in the Czech government. For the Civic Democrats and later the Freedom Union party, he was a member of the Czech National Council and the Chamber of Deputies. After leaving politics he was in charge of the Šumava National Park.

Former president and prime minister Václav Klaus, who led the Civic Democratic party of which Mr. Stráský was a member, said that the latter was a long-time friend of his and someone with whom he would be willing to “journey all the way to the North Pole”. Petr Fiala, who is the current head of the Civic Democrats tweeted that Mr. Stráský played an important part in the country’s move towards democracy and capitalism.

Author: Tom McEnchroe