Labor office workers’ unions call for resignation of Labor and Social Affairs Minister

Eleven branches of the labor office workers’ union from across the country have harshly criticized Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jaromír Drábek and are calling for his resignation over problems connected to the introduction of a new system of making welfare payments. According to union members, the new computer system that was introduced as part of a far-reaching social reform is not functional; the minister is downplaying the situation, which union leaders have called “fatal”. Among the unions’ main complaints is that the new software is preventing them from efficiently performing their job and paying out welfare in the necessary time frame. However, the ministry announced last week that the majority of welfare payments for January would be dispensed on time.

IT-workers from labor offices across the country have backed the unions. According to a report that they have handed over to the ministry, the new system lacks connectivity between different applications and has failed to fully digitalize the welfare application process.

Author: Sarah Borufka