Klaus slams groups allegedly taking advantage of social unrest in northern Bohemia

President Václav Klaus – on a three-day visit to the region of Ústí in northern Bohemia – has slammed groups apparently trying to take advantage of social unrest in the area for their own political gain. The president accused some of purposely whipping up tensions in troubled areas, mentioning by name past fraudster Lukáš Kohout – an organiser of recent anti-Roma demonstrations. In September police officials warned that extremist right-wing groups would try and use growing social unrest in northern Bohemia to their advantage.

Later on Wednesday, the Czech president will meet with local mayors to discuss developments. But some officials have charged the president should have more specifically tailored his visit to address what was going on. One local mayor, Josef Zoser, has criticised the president for not meeting members of the public but only with elected officials.

Author: Jan Velinger