Klaus against no-fly zone in Libya

Czech President Václav Klaus expressed his opposition to the idea of a no-fly zone being introduced over Libya, ahead of Friday’s emergency EU summit about the troubled North African country. Fighting continues there between rebels and supporters of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Speaking to journalists ahead of the summit, Mr Klaus said a no-fly zone was ‘regular war’, suggesting that a tough message by the EU on Friday calling on Mr Gaddafi to step down immediately was needed instead – including that there would be no dealings or compromise with the regime. Later on Friday, all 27-member EU states agreed that Mr Gaddafi must surrender power. The BBC quoted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying that anyone who waged war against his own people was “no partner” for talks with the European Union.

The idea of a no-fly zone may still gain traction but reportedly requires more planning. The idea has been heatedly discussed by officials in recent days as a possible option to help stop attacks by Mr Gaddafi’s forces. They have continued to bomb targets, including a refinery and residential area on Friday, sources said.

Author: Jan Velinger