Karolina Peake retains her leadership role in LIDEM

The LIDEM party is also holding its conference in Brno this weekend. As expected, deputy prime minister and LIDEM’s main founder Karolina Peake was elected chairwoman of the party on Saturday. The 70 delegates present at this founding conference voted in Peake's preferences for vice chair-people. Dagmar Navrátilová was elected first deputy chair, and MP Viktor Paggio, Jiří Neumann and Jiří Rusnok were also elected as deputy chairmen.

The Liberal Democratic party was formed this spring after a number of MPs from the Public Affairs party, including Ms Peake, left the party over disagreements with its leadership. The Public Affairs party subsequently left the governing coalition, while Ms Peake formed LIDEM, which instead became a coalition partner.

Author: Masha Volynsky