Interior minister promises help in town if crime incidence goes up

Interior Minister Radek John has said he will strengthen the police unit in the town of Nový Bydžov in the Hradec Králové region in the case of heightened crime incidence. The minister made a statement on Thursday after meeting with Mayor Pavel Louda and regional police chief Petr Přibyl. Since last autumn, Nový Bydžov had claimed a rise in crime by Romany residents, which led more than 3,000 local non-Roma to sign a petition for security to be increased.

Tensions among the population reached a peak last November following the rape of a young woman. In response, the town hall issued a highly controversial statement regarding the local Roma community and said it would hire the services of a private security agency. The interior minister has tried to defuse tensions by saying that such a solution was not a good idea. He also pointed out that the statistics had not actually shown an increase in crime. Mr John, the local police chief and the mayor did agree local crimes needed to be properly investigated and prosecuted swiftly.

Author: Jan Velinger