Inspection team to visit school following teacher’s complaint about sex education

Education Minister Pavel Dobeš has confirmed that a school inspection team will visit an elementary school in Prague 13, after one of its teachers suggested during a recent TV broadcast that sex education there was being taught in an inappropriate manner. The school’s principal, Pavel Petrnoušek, is a contributor to an Education Ministry-recognised guidebook for teachers on how to teach sex education courses. The manual dates back to 2009. According to the teacher, Arjana Shameti, some students at the school complained to her about the sex ed. course – expressing embarrassment over some topics discussed or the methods used. Principal Pavel Petrnoušek has reacted by filing a lawsuit against the teacher, saying she had breached her contract and damaged the good name of the school. The incident has raised questions over how sex education is taught in Czech classrooms.

Author: Jan Velinger