iHNed: Czechs spent CZK 155 billion on online shopping last year

Some CZK 155 billion were spent by Czechs while shopping online in 2019, news site iHNed.cz reports. The number shows a CZK 20 billion increase compared with the previous year and, according to the head of the Czech Association for e-commerce, Jan Vetyška, is partly down to increasingly better services, with a wide variety of delivery options. Most online purchases were conducted when Czechs shopped for electronics and house appliances.

Online shopping popularity is a growing trend in the country. In 2018, the Czech Republic took one of the top spots in Europe when it came to e-commerce, with more than 43 percent of technical or non-food goods in the country being sold online, according to data released by the research agency GfK and the Czech Confederation of Industry. The amount of online retailers has also grown substantially, reaching more than 46,000 vendors last year.

Author: Tom McEnchroe