ICE - Insight Central Europe


In this week's Insight Central Europe we look at some of the main stories in the region. The Supreme Court in Vienna has said asylum seekers in Austria must be fed and housed by the state for the full length of their asylum procedure - we find out what this means for refugees in Austria. Staying with that issue, Poland is busy modernising its border crossing facilities but is also trying not to create the impression among its eastern neighbours of becoming part of fortress Europe. Abortion is being hotly debated in Slovakia at the moment; the Christian Democrats have taken the present pro-choice law to the constitutional court in an effort to have it overturned. We also have the story of Viktor Ullmann, a composer who wrote an opera while interned at the Czech Terezin concentration camp before meeting his death at Auschwitz. And a Hungarian artist who emigrated to Austria before WW2 has returned with an usual gift for Budapest - a statue of Shakespeare.