Hygiene officers conduct checks at restaurants, drinking establishments

Hygiene officers conducted checks of 1,207 establishments – mostly restaurants – at the weekend to see if they were upholding the partial ban on hard liquor following the spate of methanol poisoning in the Czech Republic in September that killed 27 people. Nine remain in hospital from drinking poisoned alcohol; five of those persons were admitted to hospital at the weekend. In all, 76 people were poisoned after consuming bootleg liquor; some of those who survived suffered permanent disability, such as blindness or badly-damaged eyesight.

Health Minister Leoš Heger confirmed on Monday that of the 1,207 establishments checked at the weekend, 20 venues had failed to meet the strict new requirements, lacking, for example, the necessary documentation for specific products sold. Under the partial ban, establishments have up to 60 days to produce certification for alcohol in storage and only hard alcohol produced before 2012 can be legally sold. In the near future, hygiene officers will focus on taking samples from opened bottles at establishments to measure for the presence of dangerous substances.

Author: Jan Velinger