Hundreds of Muslims gather in Brno to mark end of holy month Ramadan

Some 400 Muslims gathered in Brno on Tuesday to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan with a joint prayer session. Due to the high number of participants, the event could not be held at the country’s oldest Islamic house of prayer and instead had to be moved to the city’s Hotel International. The leader of Brno’s Muslim community, Munib Hassan, said that since the late nineties, the number of people who are of Muslim faith in the country has increased significantly and that due to the growth of the community, a permanent solution for holding larger events needs to be found. He added that space in the old mosque is not just a problem during holidays, but also during the traditional Friday prayer sessions, which are visited by some 150 to 200 people every week. However, finding a location for a new house of prayer in the city has been met with opposition by local politicians.

Author: Sarah Borufka