Hospodářské noviny: Kmoníček could replace Ganadlovič as Czech ambassador to Washington

Hynek Kmoníček, former ambassador and current foreign affairs advisor to President Miloš Zeman, could replace Petr Gandalovič as ambassador to the United States, financial daily Hospodářské noviny writes. According to the daily, the appointment of a leftist candidate, unlike Mr Gandalovič of the opposition Civic Democrats, is likely given the current political constellation: a centre-left government and foreign minister as well as left-of-centre president. The daily suggests the move could already have gone through, but for two US visits lined up for President Zeman in 2015. The daily reports that a changing of the guard prior would be less than strategic. Past ambassadors to the US include close aides to the late president Václav Havel: Alexandr Vondra and Michael Žantovský. The latter is the current Czech ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Author: Jan Velinger