High-level politician and seven other suspects remanded in custody

A district court judge for Ústí nad Labem has ruled that regional governor David Rath – charged with corruption – will remain in custody. On Thursday, the judge also remanded in custody seven other persons who were arrested along with governor Rath. The court on Wednesday said there was a danger that if released ahead of trial, Mr Rath could influence witnesses, attempt to escape or continue in criminal activities. Similar reasons were cited for the other suspects remaining in custody.

On Monday, police arrested the former Central Bohemian governor, as well as four men and three women, among them Kateřina Pancová, the head of Kladno Hospital, and two entrepreneurs, one of them from the construction sector. The group is charged with corruption, damaging the EU’s financial interests and manipulation of public tenders. David Rath was caught on Monday with seven million crowns on his person; if convicted and found guilty he could spend up to 12 years behind bars.

Author: Sarah Borufka