High flood alert warnings issued for parts of northern Bohemia and Moravia

Persistent rain throughout the country has raised the water levels of rivers in northern Bohemia and Moravia, leading the authorities to issue high alert warnings in places: the most serious conditions on Friday were registered in the regions of Liberec, Hradec Králové and Šumperk. Meteorologists expect conditions to improve later in the Jizerský and Krkonoše Mountains, but to worsen elsewhere, namely in the Orlické, Jeseník and Beskid Mountains in north-eastern Moravia. Continued rainfall has led to the closure of several roads and bridges in Moravia; in one case, 45 children were evacuated from a summer camp but without incident. Water breaking the banks of the Morava River, meanwhile, has led to minor local flooding. Elsewhere, in western Bohemia, the danger of floods has gone down since Wednesday.

Author: Jan Velinger