Health Ministry introduces new system regulating anti-Covid measures

The Minister of Health, Jan Blatný, has introduced a new five-point scale system that will serve to both loosen or tighten the current anti-Covid-19 measures in place, depending on how the epidemiological situation develops.

The system is called PES, which is a Czech abbreviation of the anti-epidemic system. It will operate on a nationwide level and introduces five risk levels connected with respective measures.

The risk level will be indicated by a figure on a 0-100 scale for both the entire Czech Republic and particular regions, as well as by colour, ranging from green, through yellow to red. The individual risk levels will be published on the health ministry’s website starting November 16.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Mr Blatný said he will propose that the current state of emergency, which lasts until November 20, be extended by another 30 days. He also indicated that the current measures could be eased on November 23 at the earliest.

Author: Ruth Fraňková