Head of Office of President under scrutiny by financial inspectors for business dealings

Financial inspectors are looking into the details of how the head of President Miloš Zeman’s office Chancellor Vratyslav Mynář received subsidy funding for his guesthouse located in the Moravian town of Osvětimany, Czech Radio reports. Mr Mynář has already had to pay back CZK 975,000 from the CZK 13 million in total that he received in subsidies for the project, but inspectors are looking into other parts of the project as well. According to the Ministry of Education, Mr Mynář broke subsidy funding conditions and the news site Seznam Zprávy reports that the police are also looking into the case.

Mr Mynář, who has been in charge of the Office of the President since March 2013, has refused to comment on the case.

Author: Tom McEnchroe