H-system clients refusing to leave their homes

The clients of the bankrupt building company H-System who have been ordered to vacate their homes within a month after losing a legal battle with the administrator of their properties at Horoměřice near Prague are refusing to comply with the order.

The court’s verdict has raised eyebrows with both Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and President Zeman calling it unjust.The Labour Ministry has said those affected may get state aid of up to 50,000 crowns per family.

Around 60 families who have been ordered to leave their homes say they have nowhere to go. The prime minister is to mediate talks between their housing association and the administrator.

The families claim the verdict is unfair since they each lost a million crown investment, completed the unfinished homes at their own expense and would now have to vacate the property.

The administrator wants their apartments to be sold off to the benefit of the altogether 1,000 duped clients of the bankrupt H-System.

The judge said in defence of the verdict that the law required him to protect the interests of all clients in the case.