Four Czechs honoured with Memory of the Nation awards

A former Charter 77 signatory, an Auschwitz survivor, a former scout in the anti-communist resistance and a man jailed for trying to flee the communist regime were honoured on Wednesday evening at the National Theatre in Prague.

The Memory of the Nation prize went to Jarmila Stibicová, a Chartist often interrogated by the secret police, Lívia Herzová, who saved her mother’s life in Auschwitz , Jiří Lukšíček, who organized a scout resistance group and did six years of forced labour in the uranium mines, and František Vaczula, imprisoned for trying to escape across the border.

The Post Bellum association has been giving out the awards since 2010, on November 17th, the anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution, and a national holiday – the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day.

Author: Brian Kenety