Foreigners living in Czech Republic to get aid sheet for census

Foreigners who are not fully fluent in Czech, but who live in the Czech Republic will receive special explanatory notes in their mother tongue in order to fill in the Czech-language sheet in the upcoming national census, spokesman Ondřej Kubala said on Thursday. Foreign nationals living in hotels, boarding houses or dormitories are to be counted in the census as well. According to the official, the notes will be available in eight languages, including Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Romany, English and Russian. Ukrainians constitute the most populous group of foreigners in the Czech Republic - over 124,000 people; 46,840 have permanent stay permits. The Vietnamese community is also large: there are 60,301 Vietnamese with a legal stay permit, 36,634 of whom have permanent residency. Mr Kubala stressed that the census "applied to everyone," including foreigners. However, the latter would fill in fewer data, he said.

Author: Jan Velinger