Foreign Ministry: Removal of Prague's Konev statue does not violate bilateral treaties with Russia

The recent removal of the statue of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev by local Prague 6 authorities does not violate any Czech-Russian treaties, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the Czech News Agency on Thursday.

The statement comes after the Russian Embassy in Prague wrote that the move violated bilateral treaties signed between the two countries and Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed those who removed the statue be criminally prosecuted according to a new law against the damaging of public memorials recently passed in Russia. Prague 6 authorities subsequently called on the Czech Foreign Ministry to make a statement.

For years, the statue has been the subject of heated debate, including protests and international disputes between supporters of the Red Army's liberation of the Czech capital and those who are critical of Konev's repressive role within the Communist Eastern Bloc.

Author: Tom McEnchroe