Ex-Energy Regulatory Office head Vitásková gets suspended sentence for abuse of power

Former Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) director Alena Vitásková was sentenced on Friday for abuse of power to a two-year sentence, suspended for 30 months. The ruling by the Jihlava court thus upheld a court of appeal verdict issued last year.

Vitásková, who lead the ERÚ from 2011 to 2017, was accused by the police in mid-2015 of abuse of power and breaching her duty to manage property. The charges related to her hiring of former supreme state attorney Renata Vesecká to a top post within the ERÚ although she had not experience in energy regulation.

Vitásková was also the subject of another court case for having allegedly issued permits to solar facility operators before the sites were operational, thereby allowing substantially higher subsidy payments. The high court in Olomouc dropped those charges against her due to a lack of evidence.

Previously, the regional court in Brno had found Vitásková guilty and handed her an 8.5 year sentence. According to that verdict, she prevented investigation into the matter, enabling those involved to meet a deadline for substantially higher subsidy payments.

Author: Brian Kenety