Estimated 120,000 people attend anti-Babiš protest in Prague

Another in a series of protests against Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and his appointment of Marie Benešová as justice minister took place in Prague on Tuesday evening. The organizer Million Moments for Democracy said around 120,000 people had taken part in the rally, making it the biggest public protest since the ani-communist demonstrations in 1989.

As well as demanding the removal of both Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Justice Minister Marie Benešová who was appointed just days after the police recommended that Prime Minister Andrej Babiš stand trial in a fraud case, the protests’ organisers have called on Mr. Babiš to relinquish all his media assets so as not to continue to influence the free press.

Another demonstration is due to take place on 23 June on Prague’s Letná plain, the venue of the largest anti-regime demonstrations of November 1989.

Author: Ruth Fraňková