Epidemiological Commission discusses crisis measures for coronavirus

The Central Epidemiological Commission met on Thursday to discuss measures which would be implemented in the event of the spread of the coronavirus to the Czech Republic. At a press briefing following the meeting Health Minister Adam Votěch warned against mass panic and food hoarding. He said doctors had been given instructions how to deal with suspected cases of coronavirus infection and that facemasks would be available within a fortnight.

More than 135 people have so far been tested for the COVID-19 virus with all results negative. However a number of Czechs who have returned from high risk areas in northern Italy are in quarantine and preventive measures are in force at the country’s international airports.

With the spread of the virus to more European countries Czechs have been buying up face-masks and have started hoarding food in the event of a crisis. Some companies have ordered employees who have recently been to Italy or Asia to work from home for a fortnight.