Endangered Red Panda escapes from Pilsen Zoo

A three-year-old male Red Panda, an endangered species, has escaped from the Pilsen Zoo. Authorities have asked for the public not to try to catch the animal, which though not inherently aggressive, could strike out if cornered.

The Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens, or “shining-cat”) is a small arboreal mammal, only slightly larger than a domestic cat, native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

Pilsen Zoo spokesman Martin Vobruba said Red Pandas are agile explorers and may have leapt from a tree to escape the enclosure.

Several Red Pandas had escaped from Czech zoos over the past decade. One that escaped from Jihlava Zoo was dubbed “Kajinek” after a Czech hitman who escaped from a high-security prison in north Moravia.

Author: Brian Kenety