Education Minister to present 35 new projects to improve school system in Brussels

Education Minister Josef Dobeš will be presenting 35 new projects aimed at improving the Czech education system in Brussels on Friday. Through these projects, the ministry could receive up to six billion Czech crowns, or 240 millon Euros, in EU funds. By presenting new ways of modernizing the Czech school system, Mr. Dobeš is reacting to attacks from the opposition, which had accused him of badly administering EU-funded projects and not doing enough to win EU funds for the country’s education system.

The EU had slammed two of the ministry’s projects for lacking a clear budget plan and allocating excessive funds to promotion. Mr. Dobeš came under fire after the European Commission had frozen funding of the two projects. Both projects and the problems connected to them will be a topic of discussion in Brussels on Friday.

Author: Sarah Borufka