E-motorway vignette order officially cancelled, Czech trade minister dismissed

A controversial order for the electronic motorway vignette in the Czech Republic has been officially cancelled, Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček, announced on Thursday.

The 400 million crown contract, deemed overpriced by experts, had been awarded to Asseco Central without a tender.

Vladimír Kremlík was also formally dismissed from his post as Ministry of Transport, effective on Thursday, over the matter.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said on Monday he was considering merging the ministries of Transport and Industry and Trade. For the moment, Havlíček is in charge of the portfolio.

Author: Brian Kenety

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  • New Czech record 11,984 Covid cases registered Tuesday


    Some 11,984 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, which is a record one-day jump. The total number of active cases in the country now stands at 113,219.

    At present 4,065 people are hospitalised with the coronavirus, with 634 of them in a critical condition. To date 1,619 people have died with the virus, with over half of those deaths coming this month.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • Prymula says more measures needed ahead of special cabinet session Wednesday


    The Czech cabinet will hold an extraordinary meeting at 8 am on Wednesday to discuss the situation surrounding the coronavirus in the country. The minister of health, Roman Prymula, said on Tuesday that further measures aimed at curbing the rapid spread of Covid-19 would need to be introduced soon. He said current restrictions were not doing enough to reduce contact among the population.

    Mr. Prymula had previously announced that face masks would be required in built-up urban areas, if a distance of two metres cannot be maintained, from Wednesday.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • First statue in Czech Republic of Maria Theresa unveiled in Prague


    The first statue in the Czech Republic honouring the Habsburg ruler Maria Theresa was unveiled in the Prague 6 district on Tuesday. The local authority paid CZK 3.6 million for the monument to the Holy Roman Empress, who was sovereign of Bohemia when it was part of the Austrian empire.

    The unveiling was deliberately held on October 20, the day when Maria Theresa assumed the Austrian throne in 1740.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • Two charged over Old Town Square protest violence


    Two charged over Old Town Square protest violence

    Police have charged two people in connection with a demonstration in central Prague on Sunday that turned violent. The two are accused of disorderly conduct and violence against officials, a police spokesperson said on Tuesday. Some 144 people were detained during the events on the city’s Old Town Square, with 14 suspected of criminal actions.

    Hundreds of ultras from Czech football and ice hockey clubs had gathered to protest against the government’s Covid-19 measures. After the official time limit many of them threw cobblestones and other items at riot police, injuring 25.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • Reduced hours at public services leading to long queues


    Long queues are currently forming at some public services in the Czech Republic as opening times have been reduced in response to the Covid-19 situation, Czech Television reported. Officials at some agencies have called on the public to weigh up whether they really need to visit them in person. They also recommend that people use on-line reservation systems to book specific times. However, these are frequently full for weeks in advance, Czech Television said.

    On Monday police monitored queues at some agencies, following reports of altercations last week. Video footage suggests some people are not maintaining a two-metre distance while waiting in line.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • Weather forecast


    It should be overcast in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, with an average maximum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. The cloudy and mild weather should then continue for several days.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • Experts: Further suspension spells end of electronic cash register system


    The further suspension of a system under which businesses must register transactions in real time in a state database means the project is to all intents and purposes over, the Czech News Agency reported, citing tax experts.

    The lower house’s Budget Committee has recommended the system be put on ice until the end of 2022, a move approved by the government last week.

    The electronic cash register system had already been suspended until the end of this year to alleviate pressure on businesses hit by the coronavirus crisis.

    The system was first introduced in 2016 and gradually extended over subsequent years.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • Coronavirus cases rise after weekend, but below last week’s record


    Monday saw 8,076 people test positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. While this is the highest amount of cases ever recorded on a Monday in the country, it is also 3,000 cases fewer than were recorded last Friday. Ministry of Health Statistics show that 46 people died on Monday as a result of contracting the virus.

    Currently there are more than 105,000 people in the country who have COVID-19, although the majority of the infected have little or no symptoms. Experts predict that around 3 to 4 percent of this number will require hospitalisation, one fifth of which will be in serious condition.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Face mask obligation to be expanded


    Starting Wednesday, people will have to cover their face even if they are walking in the open in municipal areas and are closer than 2 meters from each other, Health Minister Roman Prymula has announced. Furthermore, the obligation to wear a mask has also been extended to those inside any vehicle, with the exception of those who are driving alone, or only with close family members.

    Speaking at a press conference on Monday evening, Health Minister Prymula also ruled out that the government is planning any discussion about entering a full lockdown this week. He highlighted that the effectiveness of the measures in place has to be given at least two weeks’ time before it can be evaluated.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Deputy-head of Czech Football Association charged with corruption resigns


    Roman Berbr announced on Monday that he will resign from his position as Deputy Chairman of the Czech Football Association. Mr. Berbr is one of 20 people that are facing charges by the Czech Police of corruption through rigging the results of football games in the lower-divisions of the Czech football league. He was arrested on Sunday.

    The decision was announced after a special meeting of the Czech Football Association’s executive committee which ended in the dismissal of the members of the committee of referees, including its chairman and former Czech national team coach Jozef Chovanec, who allegedly used his position to rig the selections of referees.