Drought registered across 94 percent of Czech territory

According to the latest research conducted by meteorologists, 94 percent of Czech territory has been affected by drought to some degree in recent weeks. While rainfall reached average rates in March, this was only during the first half of the month and hot weather coupled with strong winds dominated the later half of the month. These conditions grew more intense during the first half of April, Czech Television reported on Saturday.

The last few weeks have seen little rainfall, ranging only in single digit millimeters in the northern and noth-eastern parts of the country, where some regions have been hit by what is classified as extreme drought. In other parts of the country the situation is not much better, according to Czech Television.

Experts have been pointing out that drought is not just present in the Czech Republic, but is a wider, Central European problem. The risk of forest fires has been classified as medium to medium-high in the region.

Author: Tom McEnchroe