Deputy minister René Schreier to head arts ministry in interim capacity

Deputy minister René Schreier is to be named as interim minister of culture. His appointment was announced by outgoing department head Antonín Staněk and Prime Minister Andrej Babiš on Wednesday, Mr. Staněk’s last day in office.

Mr. Babiš said Mr. Schreier will hold the reins at the ministry until President Miloš Zeman decides on whether to appoint the Social Democrats’ nominee Michal Šmarda. The party have threatened to quit the government if Mr. Zeman rejects their candidate.

Legal expert Jan Kysela told that the absence of a minister was in contravention of the constitution and the Competence Act. Though deputy ministers have taken over at government departments in the past it is still wrong, Mr. Kysela said.

Author: Ian Willoughby