Defence Ministry awards contract on radio, GPS installation

The country's Defence Ministry has awarded a contract, worth 28 million crowns, for the installation of radios and GPS equipment in Iveco armoured vehicles to the company MEDTEC-VOP, Defence Ministry spokeswoman Jana Zechmeisterova has told the Czech news agency. The representative said the firm won the deal in an open tender by offering the most advantageous price. The Czech Army was given the Ivecos from the US under a programme in which the US helps equip allied forces. "As the delivery of the goods from the USA lasted almost three years, the installation of the equipment could not be conducted as part of the contract concluded with PRAGA-Export in 2009" Ms Zechmeisterova said. The contract mainly relates to the installation of radios and receivers of the GPS signal. The donated Ivecos are already being used by various units in the Czech Army.

Author: Jan Velinger