Decision on Nikulin’s extration postponed pending appeal

The Constitutional Court has postponed the enforceability of a decision on the extradition of alleged Russian hacker Yevgeny Nikulin to the United States or Russia, until the court reaches a decision on his appeal, the ctk news agency reported on Tuesday. A spokeswoman for the Constitutional Court said it was not clear how long the ruling could take.

Yevgeny Nikulin lodged a constitutional appeal against a ruling by the Supreme Court allowing his extradition to the United States and against his continued remand in custody in the Czech Republic. Both the US and Russia are seeking his extradition.

In the US he is supected of hacking computers at Silicon Valley firms including LinkedIn and Dropbox, while the Russian authorities have charged him with Internet theft.

It recently emerged that President Zeman had repeatedly lobbied for Nikulin’s extradition to Russia. A final decision is to be made by the Czech justice minister.