… decision may further destabilise government.

Regarding a step that further destabilises the Czech governing coalition, Ms Peak said Tuesday that she will adhere to the coalition agreement and will speak with Prime Minister Petr Nečas about her continuation in the cabinet. While she said the decision was her own, and had been considered for some time, other members of Public Affairs would be welcome to join her. Recent support for Peake from those within the party suggests that as many as seven party MPs may follow her out of Public Affairs, theoretically allowing the government to maintain a slight majority without the party’s support. Soon after her announcement, Public Affairs MP Dagmar Návratilová praised Peake and said that she was not surprised by the decision. Ms Peake says that the political style of Public Affairs masked their successes. The conviction of Vít Bárta, she said, had nothing to do with her leaving the party.