Czechs sending 40 Italians home along with 100,000 face masks mistakenly seized

The Czech Republic is sending 40 Italian nationals back to their home country by bus today along with 100,000 face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, mistakenly seized last week in a police raid.

Last Tuesday Czech police confiscated 680,000 face masks and 28,000 respirators found in a northern Bohemian warehouse likely intended for re-export by a group illegally trading in protective gear.

Among the supplies seized in Lovosice was a shipment of face masks from the Red Cross of Qinghai City in China intended for their compatriots in Italy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with other states, commercial carriers and travel agencies, has thus far transported about 2,500 Czechs by air from abroad.

Another 1,850 returned on buses dispatched from European airports, ČTK reports. Buses of returning Czechs are due to leave Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and Vienna in the coming days.

Author: Brian Kenety