Czech police seize more meth, less marihuana

Czech police last year seized more of the type of crystal methamphetamine known locally as pervitin than in 2017.

This despite large-scale production having moved to Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, according to the annual drug report.

The report says 240 small-scale meth labs were discovered in 2018, down 24 from the previous year. Large-scale production of pervetin is controlled by organised criminal groups, dominated by Vietnamese gangs, it says.

Police seized 948 kilograms of marihuana last year in the Czech Republic, about 150 kg less year-on-year. The amount of methamphetamine seized increased to 106 kg.

The National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction has noted a rise in addiction to meth and opioids prescribed for relieving chronic pain.

Author: Brian Kenety