Czech memory game Pexeso inventor Zdeněk Princ dies

Zdeněk Princ, who invented the popular Czech memory card game Pexeso in the mid-1960s, has died at the age of 85, the daily Deník N reported on Friday.

Like its German predecessor, Memory, Pexeso requires players to turn over matching pairs of squares from memory. The name came from a TV game show at the time called Pekelně se soustřed, meaning to focus very intensively.

Pexeso caught on in Czechoslovakia largely because it featured characters from children’s animated TV series, such as Večerníček, Krtek (Little Mole) and Maxipes Fík (a friendly talking dog).

Annually, hundreds of new sets are still published. Many no longer featuring identical matches but thematic ones.

Author: Brian Kenety