Czech Foreign Ministry tells Moscow not to interfere in country’s internal affairs

The Czech Foreign Ministry has responded curtly to a Russian protest note complaining about an article in the weekly Respekt saying the allegations made against Russia in it were “outrageous and inadmissible”.

In a statement published on its web page the Czech Foreign Ministry says the Czech Republic is a country that respects press freedom and rejects any attempts at interference from foreign states.

In reference to an ongoing diplomatic row between the two countries, over the removal of the statue of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev from its site in Prague, the ministry says the Czech Republic has not in any way violated the 1993 treaty between the two countries and reminds Moscow that the treaty commits the signatories not to interfere in each other’s internal affairs.

The weekly Respekt reported last week that according to unnamed security sources a Russian agent had allegedly travelled to Prague a few weeks ago with a suitcase containing the highly potent toxin called ricin, possibly to be used against Czech politicians who have angered the Kremlin.