Czech Foreign Ministry expresses regret over conflicting reports on ethnic Czechs in Ukraine

The Czech Foreign Ministry has expressed regret over conflicting reports regarding the situation of ethnic Czechs in Ukraine. In a statement on its web page the ministry said it was in constant contact with the Czech expat community in the country, was monitoring its needs and was ready to provide assistance where needed. The statement came shortly after the Office of the President reported having received a request for repatriation from 70 ethnic Czech families with an appeal to President Zeman to assist their cause. A similar request was reportedly made by forty families in March. On a recent visit to Ukraine Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek dismissed claims that so many families wanted to re-locate. He said moreover that the ethnic Czechs were in no apparent danger and could use existing channels to repatriate if they wished to do so. The president is expected to address the matter at a press briefing on Monday.