Czech Fin Min: EET revenues reached 12.3bn last year, 0.6bn above projections

The electronic cash register system popularly known as “EET” introduced to counter the grey economy and tax fraud brought some 12.3 billion crowns into state coffers last year, Czech Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (ANO) said on Thursday.

The ministry in September had projected that receipts from the online sales-reporting system would be some 600 million crowns lower, she said. Compared to 2017, last year’s EET revenue increased by 4.4 billion crowns.

The EET system was introduced in stages, starting in December 2016, when it applied only to restaurants and accommodation facilities. As of March 2017, it also became mandatory for wholesalers and retailers.

The planned third and fourth “waves” will affect craftspeople and food producers such as farmers' markets. These are unlikely to take effect until 2020.

Author: Brian Kenety