Czech Centres worldwide commemorating 350th anniversary death of Comenius

The anniversary of the death of the Czech philosopher and educator Jan Amos Komenský (1592 to 1670) is being commemorated by Czech Centres as far afield as Rotterdam, Rome, Bratislava, Tokyo and Warsaw.

The Netherlands is inextricably linked with Komenský, known to much of the world as Comenius, who spent the last 14 years of his life in exile there. In his honour, Czech Centre Rotterdam is launching the #GrowOurHumanity campaign, which places inspiring quotes from Czech thinkers and humanists – including Václav Havel, Jan Patočka, TG Masaryk and Komenský – in public spaces of European capitals.

Czech Centre Bratislava has prepared an outdoor exhibition called Labyrinth of the World, located symbolically on Comenius Square, exactly on the anniversary of his death 350 years ago. That exhibition will travel on to other Slovak cities and possibly also to Czech Centers in Berlin, Madrid and the Netherlands.

Author: Brian Kenety