Czech authorities condemn Norway attacks

Czech authorities have condemned brutal terrorist attacks which struck Norway on Friday killing at least 91 people. At least seven people died in an explosion at government offices in Oslo, and an additional 84 people or more were killed in a shooting rampage at an island youth camp outside the city. One Norwegian national is in custody in connection with the attacks. The Czech Foreign Ministry released a statement expressing shock and regret. In its statement it said the Czech Republic was ready to provide assistance. It also reiterated that it was necessary for the international community to stand together against the threat of terrorism. It is not yet clear who is behind the Norway attacks; early reports suggested responsibility by Islamic militants, but it is now thought to have been conducted by homegrown far-right extremists, as the suspect in custody allegedly belonged to an extremist group. The attacks have been widely condemned by the US, the European Union, NATO and others.

Author: Jan Velinger