Czech army to adopt new command and control system from 2020

The Czech army will adopt a new command and control system from 2020, which will be divided into three levels: strategic, operational and tactical, the army announced on Wednesday on its Facebook account. Included in the change is the transfer of the Ground Forces Command from Prague to Olomouc on June 1, 2020 and of the Air Force Command to Kbely in the north of Prague in 2021. Meanwhile, in Tabor, a new Territorial Command is being established, which the army says will ensure more flexible use of active reserves.

Information operations in cyberspace, as well as the defence of military systems and the army’s internet will be run by a newly established Cyber and Information Operations Command in the Moravian capital of Brno.

Czech political and military leaders are meeting this Wednesday and discussing the army’s modernisation plans, as well as its role in the NATO alliance and international missions.

Author: Tom McEnchroe