Czech anti-monopoly office cancels CZK 250mn police car tender favouring Škoda

The Office for the Protection of Competition (ÚOHS) has cancelled a 250 million crown tender to provide 4x4 drive passenger cars to the police.

The anti-monopoly office ruled that the tender requirements set by the Ministry of the Interior unfairly favoured Škoda Auto against other bidders. The office had acted on a complaint filed by an importer of Hyundai brand vehicles from South Korea.

Ministry spokesman Ondřej Krátošek told the daily E15 that the central contracting authority would not oppose the decision. But he said launching a new tender would negatively impact operations of the police, as their fleet of vehicles is aging.

According to E15, the initial tender set requirements that specified interior dimensions of the cars that only Škoda Auto, a Czech subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, could meet.

Author: Brian Kenety