Czech Academy of Sciences rewards 25 scientists with special bonus

The Czech Academy of Sciences has awarded the CZK 330,000 Otto Wichterle Bonus (Prémie Otto Wichterleho) to 25 scientists for their extraordinary contributions across various disciplines of scientific work. The bonus was handed out by the President of the Academy of Sciences Eva Zažímalová in Prague’s Lannova villa, Czech Television reported on Tuesday.

Among the recipients are Lenka Čermáková from the Institute for Hydrodynamics, whose research focuses on water improvement technologies, as well as biochemist Dalibor Košek from the Institute of Physiology, who, according to the Academy, has significantly contributed to the clarification of a number of questions related to solving molecular mechanisms involved in DNA recombination. The work exploring what life was like for ordinary soldiers in the Czechoslovak Army in 1948 by historian Jiří Hlaváček of the Institute of Contemporary History was also recognised.

Author: Tom McEnchroe