Criminal complaint filed against multimillion-crown government payment

The Ministry of Finance has filed a criminal complaint regarding questionable, multimillion-crown payments made by the Office of the Government during 2009. Police sources say the case involves an overpriced order for audio-visual equipment from the private company Promopro that was assigned without an official tender. The equipment was to be used for events surrounding the Czech EU presidency in the first half of 2009. The order was justified as exempt from tender, as Promopro was said to have an exclusive position on the market in question. An in-depth audit of the Office of the Government carried out by the Finance Ministry found that claim to have been unsubstantiated and untrue. The audit found that while the approved expenditure for audio-visual equipment was 85 million, Promopro had charged the government more than three-quarters of a billion crowns, 525 million of which it received directly.